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About The Owner

Hi I am Elwin Marlatt a certified DJ and MC! The owner and founder of D&E DJ Services. My love for music and music equipment started at a young age. I have been playing guitar since I was 12 years old and did my first DJ gig when I was 15 with two cassette decks. I of course moved into dual CD players when they came out. I DJ’d all sorts of events from school dances and proms to graduations and school sporting events. After high school, I went to college to learn electronics because of my passion for music equipment. While in college I pretty much DJ’d the same events including parties. After college, I did my first wedding extremely nervous but it went perfectly. After about 6 years of dj’ing I got into band sound. I always had the best car stereo and house stereo in town. I always hooked up everyone’s systems in their cars and house. I was always the go-to guy for audio equipment hookup and computer repair. So I have always had a passion for stereo equipment and hooking it up. Band sound fed this passion and I got very good at doing it and started helping people set up home studios. My passion for DJ’ing never left, I always played friends and family parties and have always loved doing it. I am not doing band sound as much anymore and I knew it was time to go back to DJ’ing. By far my favorite event I have ever done is weddings. I love to be part of someone’s special day and provide the entertainment for their special day. A wedding is an amazing bond of two people and should be celebrated as such and for couples to make me part of that celebration is amazing to me! I love to play my part keep the night moving and the fun coming and watch all the smiling faces. So being a wedding DJ is something I am honored to be able to do.

About The Company

 D&E DJ Services was founded by Elwin Marlatt in September 2020! The company is currently a single op DJ service. We will be starting a web documentary on youtube for everyone to watch, we currently have a blog and are on all social media profiles and we will be starting a podcast to follow our Youtube for all listeners. Stay tuned for a ton of content from us!

Our Mission

 Our Mission is to provide the greatest customer service we can possibly supply. So we can supply the greatest DJ experience you will ever have in your life! We make the Music Special for all your special occasions including your special day! 

Our Vision

 Our Vision is to become the best DJ Company in the area! We are looking to become a multi op and hire Dj’s to work for us as we get way more busy making the music special!