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Sing Along Bar Set

I was just live in the D&E DJ Services group! I did a bar sing along set, facebook finally caught on and booted me. Wasn’t a bad thing though was working off a new board, I still need some practice with, I looked like I had virtual DJ face all night staring at the board. I went on line before the video, I have never went live on facebook and wanted to stay on as long as I could. I put a bunch of effects in and mixed songs with out playing whole songs, it worked for a while. The video is not getting taken down they are just muting 3 minutes of it so feel free to watch and watch again and jam to it when your busy doing something fun or working! Thanks everyone who got on and watched! I seen some caught my test guess I will need to work with it a little more. Thanks again tune in for another video where I promise no virtual dj face and more use of the microphone! Just got word after to writing this blog post facebook with be taken down the video. I would love to know why facebook does not offer us a streaming option like mix cloud can. All my live streams will be on mix cloud from now on!

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