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Your Idol

Alright everyone not many gigs happen so have not been blogging much. I have been asked where I went social media post have been low! What’s up! Well, I have taken this downtime to improve my business and in process of improving, I learned so much about sales and marketing that I have started a marketing business. I have taken 153 DJ, MC, and Marketing classes; that I have certificates for. I have taken plenty of other training and class and will continue to take more to provide the best services I can to all of you. I came across a guy Joe Bunn owner of Bunn company founder of the DJs Vault, he was talking about what mobile DJs can do to survive covid. Was a great inspiration for me of course I became a member. During his downtown, he got with Aaron Trailer founder of crate hackers so again, of course, I became a member. It helps mobile DJ organize their crates (music) , I was very disorganized here and crate hackers helped me organize all my music (crates) during the dow time! Most important of all this is neither one of these would have come to life if it wasn’t for Dominick Pirone a marketing ninja! He helped develop the djsvault and Crate hackers and he also runs booked solid! Booked Solid is to help mobile DJs with their marketing and no one does it better than Dominick Pirone! So again of course I am a member. You may ask what it costs, Truly it is priceless I pay less than 100 a month for every one of the services including the VIP parts! My point to all this these guys have helped and inspired me immensely, so find your idol your inspiration, people to help you achieve your dreams “your idol”!

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